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Dry abrasive blasting - Industrial painting - Vitrification - Anti dust coating floor - Asbestos abatement

Dry abrasive blasting (SA1 SA2 SA2,5 SA3)

Silos dopo sabbiaturaPa.ve.sa. LTD uses different dry blasting methods depending on customer requirements, the surface to be treated and results to be obtained.
Dry sandblasting methods can be employed at the installation site of the metal structure They include:
1. Conventional sandblasting;
2. Wheel sandblasting.

The conventional sandblasting does not include any expedient to reduce the production of powder or for the recovery of the abrasive material.
In the wheel sandblastind a high power wheel machine leads to an high-efficiency blasting operation with recyclable abrasive.
The equipment used include:
1. Duble chamber automatic sanding machine;
2. Dust collector;
3. Suction pump;
4. Special nozzle or blasting lance.

It can be used any type of abrasive, however, usually it takes to cast iron granules ground due to their higher resistance to breaking. The granules are used until they lose their abrasive function. The degree of blasting refers to the percentage of mill scale, rust, old paint, etc. to take away during the sandblasting process. Generally the degrees of cleanliness are:
1. white metal blast cleaning (ISO Sa3): it consists in the complete removal of all theAbitazione con mattoni sabbiati corrosion products, of all mill scale, traces of old paint foreign matter on the metal surface. The results of the process is a white-gray metal surface with uniform appearance. Its roughness allows a perfect anchoring of the protective paint layer that will be subsequently applied. (for very corrosive environment where high cost of cleaning is warranted);
2. near white blast cleaning (Sa2,5): Blast Cleaning nearly to “White Metal” cleanliness, until at least 95% of the surface area is free of all visible residues. (For high humidity, chemical atmosphere, marine or other corrosive environments);
3. commercial blast cleaning (Sa2): a good but not perfect sandblasting that consists in the removal of all rust, calamine and other foreign matter on the surface of the metal.Blast cleaning until at least two thirds of the surface area is free of all visible residues (for rather severe conditions of exposure). The surface obtained will not be necessarly uniform that depending on the initial surface conditions that affect the final result . The surface roughness will be suitable fot the application of layers of paint than applied. The final color of the metal is grayish;
4. coarse sanding (or brushing, Sa1): is the removal of free rust flakes, lamination and painting, and are left on the surface of the adherent, and such that the sandblasted surface can provide good adhesion and jointing to painting.

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Sandblasting, surface protection.

Persiana dopo la sabbiaturaSandblasting allows the cleaning of surfaces from deposits and residues in order to obtain a surface which provides a good anchorage for further treatments.
Sandblasting is performed by specific machines that allows the removes by shock and abrasion of encrusting material; addressed on a clean surface, making it erodes the slightly rough and therefore liable to retain paints, adhesives, etc.
Blasting operation can be realised on many metals and materials employed in the construction industry: wood, stone, brick, brick walls.

There are multiple types of sandblasting:
1. Dry abrasive blasting;
2. Micro dry abrasive blasting;
3. Wet abrasive blasting;
4. Blasting with steel grit;
5. Sandblasting with hydrodynamic system.

Sabbiatore al lavoroThe blasting process in follwed by a surface protection through:
1. Paint coating application both with high chemical and physical resistance;
2. Inner lining for tanks and cisterns;
3. Treatment of submerged structures: bridges, piers, bearing structures;
4. Treatment of industrial carpentry;
5. Painting with fluoropolymers products;
6. Protection of rusty iron.

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Industrial painting

Verniciatura e protezione di un camino industriale The layer of coating product has the purpose to protect against corrosion. Furthermore it is a decoration for the material itself.
The coatings are applied on metal articles of various carpentry.

The products to be painted depending on the size, the thickness and the end-use, are subjected to pretreatment in order to remove the surface from corrosion products (scale, rust) oils, fats, waxes, dust and mechanical workings or other small contaminants.

A complete cleaning of the surface is a basic requirement for the painting procedure. Foreign stuff on the surface reduce the contact with the Verniciatura e protezione esterna di un serbatoriocoating applied. As a consequence the adherence is reduced It can later exfoliate or have a lower resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress.

Our company uses coating systems with high-pressure spray atomization.
The paints used by Pa.ve.sa. are mainly high-solid two-component acrylic to minimize as much 'as possible the emission of Volatile Organic Substances (VOC) in the environment.
The coating systems differ substantially in the final application of the products which may be intended for outdoor use or indoor.
At the specific request of customer we can realise performing coating systems for special applications indoor with greater thicknesses. For all coating systems the following parameters have to be respected:
1. Application on completely dry metals
2. Minimum coating thickness ranging from:
--- 50-60 microns for indoor products.
--- 100-120 microns, for outdoor products.
--- 80-100 microns for special applications Indoor.

The various coating systems applied by Pa.ve.sa. are:
- Epoxy
- Epoxy-polyurethane
- Epoxy-Vinyl
- Finishes epoxy-vinyl
- epoxy tar
- Food use coating
- Anti- acid
- Fireproof

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BASF CC ITALY SPA is one of our main partners.

BASF CC ITALY SPA provides us MASTERSEAL® M 391, a two-component epoxy coating, free from aromatic amines, phthalates and benzyl alcohol.It has a glossy finish.
Certified for food contact according to EU Regulation no. 10/2011 of 14.01.2011 Commission. MASTERSEAL M 391 is designed primarily for the vitrification of the oil clean water and food use restrain.

MASTERSEAL M 391 is available in the following versions:

- YELLOW, specific for the wine contact.For cromatic reason suggested for white wine restrain;

- RED, specific for the wine contact and suggested for red wine;

- BLUE and WHITE specific for contact with drinking water, oil, cereals, and other food substances.

MASTERSEAL 391 M has the following unique characteristics:

• free from aromatic amines;
• solvent-free (100% solids);
• free from benzyl alcohol;
• phthalates;
• certified according to the EU Regulation. 10/2011 of 14.01.2011 Commission for migration tests with simulants such as:

MASTERSEAL M 391 color
Ethanol 10%
Yellow and Red
Acetic acid 3%
Yellow and Red
Ethanol 20%
Yellow and Red
Vegetable oil
Sky blue and white
Drinking water
Sky blue and white

• delivered by the "positive list" provided for in EU Regulation no. 10/2011 of 14.01.2011 Commission;

• Certified according to the DM 174 04/06/2004 (Regulation on materials and articles that can be used in fixed installations for water collection, treatments, supply and distribution of water intended for human consumption);

• respects the limits and restrictions laid down by EC Regulation No. 1895/2005 on the restriction of certain epoxy derivatives intended to come into contact with food (the "BFDGE prohibition" and "NOGE", and the limits of specific migration of "BADGE");

• meets the requirements defined in the UNI EN 1504/2 ("Protection systems for concrete surfaces") and their acceptance limits.

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Anti dust coating floor

Trattamento antipolvereThis floor is realisez with materials offering a high flexibility. In fact if subjected to an applied pressure, the surface have the property, called resilience, to deform flexibly returing then to its initial shape.
The polyurethane resin floors are suitable both for extensive application and for current floorings.
Why do the polyurethane resin floor represent a better choice instead of traditional flooring?

Listed below some of the advantages you will obtain
1. rapid installation;
2. high wear resistance;
3. resistant to chemicals;
4. easy to clean;
5. easy and fast maintenance.

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UCRETE UD200 flooring

UCRETE® UD200 is one of the flooring solution, provided by Pa.ve.sa. LTD.
Using a unique polyurethane resin technology, we give floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooringsolution.

Ucrete UD 200 Ucrete UD 200

UCRETE UD200 hygienic floors provide ideal floor finishes for applications in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Available in different colors:Cream, Red, Green, Grey, Blue and Curtain Call.
Ucrete UD 2001. It offers a uniform and seamless flooring system that creates a safe and attractive working environment. Exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooringsolution. Ucrete surfaces retain their integrity at temperatures of up to 130°C, and have been proven to meet the most stringent hygiene and cleanliness requirements where a long lasting robust floor is crucial;
2. Can also be applied to young concrete (at least 7 days);
3. Fast installation and fast return to service - 8 hour access to foot traffic; 24 hours for vehicles at 230C;
4. No water absorption;
5. Cleanliness and hygiene;
6. Antislip;
7. Durable/long life.

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Waterproofing with MASTERSEAL 110

Vasche Pa.ve.sa. provides also waterproof solution for different types of surfaces subject.

For concrete structures, we use MASTERSEAL® 110. It is a two-component epoxy resin solvent, that applied on the structure previously treated with specific primer, produces a coating with high waterproof capacity.
1. Prevents water ingress,corrosion processes and any degradation of the concrete;
2. Protection for chemical and physical aggressions;
3. High adherence to the substrate.

The product is also suitable for structures such as bridges, sewage treatment plants and sewages.
Applicazione di MASTERSEAL 110 Pontili

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Repair of concrete structures.

Applicazione di Emaco R955We use Emaco R955 in order to restore reinforced concrete structures. It is a premixed mortar, bi-component, applied at a thickness of 1 to 5 cm.

Emaco R955 resists to any atmospheric agents agression. It is particularly suitable in the case of localized degradations and to work on structural elements of difficult access.
Its main features are:
1. high adhesion to concrete not particularly roughened;
2. applicability up to 5 cm without mesh;
3. resistance to environmental agents;
4. meets the requirements UNI EN 1504/9 requirements such as the concrete restoration, structural reinforcement and preservation.
Attach you will find the datasheet BASF Emaco R955 contains all the features of the product:

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Asbestos abatement

Rimozione amiantoAsbestos removal and reclamation are necessary because of the harmfulness of this substance which, for its high physical-chemical resistance, has been used in the past in a large scale in civil construction (chimneys, ceilings, cement asbestos roofs, boilers, piping, etc.) and in industrial plants (L. 27/03/1992 n. 257).

The execution process include the asbestos removal (crumbly or compact), the insulation removal, containment, encapsulation in order to prevent building occupants from being exposed to the fibers (Directive 83/477 / EEC and 87 / 217 / EEC).
What is asbestos?
"Asbestos" (from the greek Amiantos: incorruptible) is used to indicate the fibrous form of several minerals have been employed for their unique physical and chemical characteristics.
Asbestos is virtually indestructible: it is resistant to fire and heat, chemical and biological agents, abrasion.

Fibre di amianto Tetto in cemento-amianto

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Building works

IdrosabbiaturaOur company is able to provide restoration solutions but also treatment on property and a full range of building solutions.
Through micro sandblasting you get a deep truss cleaning, wooden attics, masonry in general.
• We remove crumbling plaster.
• We sandblast concrete structures, brick stones and béton brut and offers waterproofing treatment against mold and weathering.
On external facades we adopt waterblasting technologies , in order to reduce the production of ultrafine particles.
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Metal and rainforced concrete surfaces protection

Serbatoi esposti ad agenti atmosferici Cisterns, pipes and storage tanks made of metal or concrete, must be adequately protected to avoid an early deterioration.

Cement and fiber cement containers are affected by the phenomenon of carbonation, the surface parts become brittle and easily crumble, while the metal containers are subjected of corrosion.

These phenomena cause the deterioration of materials that with time lose their impermeability.
Tubazioni per contenimento acqua o altri liquidi corrosiviIn order to protect cisterns, pipes and storage tanks their inner surface should be treated with appropriate coatings.

For the internal protection of concrete structures the Pa.ve.sa. uses specific waterproofing technologie provided by BASF as Masterseal 190 epoxy poliammidico (polyamide) coating two-component, solvent-free which is always used after the primer Masterseal 185.
As for the external protection our company also uses specific products realized by companies such as Univer, Sigma and Damiani which offer a wide range of anti-corrosion paint solutions for metal carpentry, for the petrochemical industry and for naval uses.

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Waterproofing with Polyurea

Our company offers innovative technologies through high­strength and long lasting products.

We are talking about POLYUREA. It is a product which shows a technology based on the chemical reaction of two­component systems spray applied and used in the coatings and the waterproofing sector.

The POLYUREA is a fast curing elastomeric membrane suitable for waterproofing of hydraulic structures such as dams, canals, industrial waste tanks, sewages, treatment plants, secondary containment tanks, digesters of biogas plants as well as roofing and floors, floor coverings such as workshops, warehouses, sheds, etc...

The POLYUREA is sprayed with our new bi­mix machine REACTOR E­XP2 AP GUN of 'GRACO company, allowing us to create a continuous and last generation process.

In detail, the advantages you can find with this product:
- quick responsiveness;
-­ high resistance to chemical and mechanical agents;
-­ high resistance to hydraulic pressure;
-­ resistance to impact and abrasive stresses;
-­ high temperature resistance;
– applied in thick layers on vertical surfaces.
Dry abrasive blasting - Industrial painting - Vitrification - Anti dust coating floor - Asbestos abatement